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Quebec student loans for medical school in Ontario

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Reading the eligibility requirements for Quebec's Loans and Bursaries program, it says that:

"If you are studying outside Québec, including in another province or in France and are enrolled in one of the following programs that are subject to quotas set by the Government of Québec or the Ministère, you are not eligible for the Loans and Bursaries Program:
– Medicine (except University of Ottawa)
– Police Technology
Exceptionally, you can qualify for the Loans and Bursaries Program if you live in Québec and study medicine at the University of Ottawa"


So would I just be unable to get any provincial or federal loans? Is there a way to apply for federal loans without provincial loans? The school's financial aid office also stipulates that you have to receive government aid to receive University bursaries - so am I just totally ineligible for anything?! Are there any Quebec residents here who have attended medical school in Ontario who can give some insights on how you dealt with this situation? I would love any advice, if there's anything I can try or any alternatives I can look into! :(

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I am not sure about the Quebec's Loans and Bursaries program for studying in medicine besides University of Ottawa.  I would drop by  your medical school's bursaries office or call the Aide Financiere aux Etudes. As per the paragraph that you cited, it seems like you would be ineligible for the provincial loans. 

It won't surprise me, as they are really trying to train physicians in Quebec. I remember that I had to register with the College des medecins du Quebec as a medical student, I assumed that they expect that you would practice in Quebec if you did your medical training there. 

One thing is that after 3 months of living in Ontario, you are an Ontario In-Province student? Then you could apply for bursaries for 2nd year of undergraduate medicine? 

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