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Total MCAT and CARS Score to aim for every Canadian medical school

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Hi all,

I think it's important to note the importance a good CARS score plays into admission for most medical schools. I have compiled a very very simple chart that demonstrates the minimum CARS score you should be aiming for to be competitive. Data is based on OOP residency. So, if you are IP for any of these schools, this chart may not be helpful! For some of these schools (i.e., Mac, Manitoba, Saskatchewan) a lower CARS score may still be okay but must be supplemented with either a higher total MCAT score or GPA. But do note that for most of these schools you must have the stated CARS score in order to not get screened out!

Obviously, this is just a general guide,. There are many parts of your application that also play a part in getting the actual interview, but I think it's a good idea to see what CARS score to aim for when you're writing the MCAT. An important takeaway from this is that If you are in Ontario, a 128 will take you a lot further than a 127.

CARS Score for Each Med School.jpg

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On 6/18/2019 at 2:36 PM, Peaka said:

Wow thank you so much for that! Would it be possible to do a similar chart but with all the MCAT sections? :o

I would do it but it would be pretty useless haha. As long as you have a 125 or higher on the science sections you are fine. It’s your total score and your CARS that actually matters. 

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