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Filling out all 16 entries

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For those of you who have been offered an interview, accepted, or waitlisted within the past couple of years, how many activities did you have filled out on your application.  I know that there are four slots for each of the four categories (employment, leadership roles, volunteer work, and life experience). I think I will personally have about 14 or 15 entries.  Is this going to put me in a bad position?  I am hesitant to try to force minor things into my application just to pad.  I feel like only things that I significantly contributed to over a certain period of time are appropriate.  Any thoughts?  

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I think it's fine to not fill out everything. I was accepted and left 2 blank for employment and volunteer position each. I think how you write them is much more important than the number of entries. As well, even if things are kind of more minor entries, you can still consider putting them in if you feel like they'll help you stand out as an applicant or if it was an experience you really enjoyed, even if you don't have many hours or a long term commitment with it.

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