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This thread is going out to current international students who are attempting to come back to Canada and having difficulties.  If you are interested please look into MOTP surge in Canadian Armed Forces, it may give you an opportunity to come back home after all!


be a Canadian citizen;

have obtained your medical degree. Please note that anyone who has obtained their medical education from a non-Canadian university is required to have their education evaluated to a Canadian standard;

have participated in the match process of the CaRMS in 2019; and

pass the screening process (e.g., medical, interview, security/background checks) for enrolment in the CAF.

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Last year it was only for Canadian med graduates, so unless something has changed you may be out of luck. Not too sure how it was done this year. It was done in response to the huge amount of unmatched Canadian grads. I’m not too sure on IMG eligibility now but best to ask a recruiter/collaborating schools/ IMG on here that may have been able to use it?

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