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MDbuddy 2.0. Free cGPA/wGPA calculator + MCAT/AAMC score analysis + Info hub for ALL Canadian medical schools!

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Hello all, after receiving feedback from many of you, I have decided to revamp the MDbuddy webapp.

MDbuddy webapp link

Mdbuddy phone app link

What can MDbuddy 2.0 do?

  1. Calculate cGPA and all wGPAs for medical schools in Canada.
  2. Provide an analysis for MCAT scores AAMC full length scores. This analysis might show you what your real MCAT score might be compared to the AAMC practice FL.
  3. Provides list of requirements for each medical school in canada such as: minimum GPA, minimum MCAT and CASPER.

What is new about MDbuddy 2.0?

  • Dynamic database that updates whenever OMSAS updates there website.
  • A simple account system which allows for you to save all your course grades on the website. This way you don't have to type 50 grades every time you want to look at your GPA (this was the case for the old webapp had you not used the 'download grades' feature.
  • Added a conditional wGPA calculator. This means that if you don't qualify for UOFT wGPA because you don't have a full year schedule, MDbuddy will tell you that you don't qualify for UOFT wGPA.
  • Added a list of useful resources which for each medical school in Canada.
  • MCAT analysis, which might provide you guidance on your AAMC-FL scores.
  • More statistics!
  • Simpler, cleaner, more intuitive UI.

Why use MDbuddy 2.0?

  • Keeping track of GPA of courses with different weightings, and a changing OMSAS scale system can be confusing!
  • Information on minimum GPA, minimum MCAT, CASPER for ALL Canadian medical schools is provided one a single page.
  • If you like statistics you will like MDbuddy!

MDbuddy 2.0 Preview!


If you have any feedback or future suggestions for the app, please leave them down below or send an email to: mdbuddyca@gmail.com. All feedback and suggestions are appreciated. If you see any errors please let me know!

Note: for those who have messaged/emailed me to monetize/put ads on my work, thank you, but MDbuddy will remain a free community driven webapp.

MDbuddy webapp link       

Mdbuddy phone app link

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