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can you tell me please what's the salary of a pharmacist in 2019? I have look on the website, I don't find for 2019 especially I see in forum that the job market is recently saturated, so that's why I am asking this question here. so I could have an answer from the pharmacist or recently graduate...

low Salary :

Max salary :

Thank you


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Pharmacists make a lot of money. You can expect to make a salary in six figures. According, to Canada's Best Jobs: 104,000. Some Pharmacists do get payed less because it does vary on province( I have seen 50 dollars an hour). Check out Canada's Best Job 2018. Pharmacy is a good career. If you hear people saying the opposite, then you are talking to the wrong people and they are going to make you lose your focus. The population is aging...there will jobs. We do live in the days, when you can't just show up up with your degree. Make connections during your IPPE rotations. You will get a job when you become well rounded.

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That is one of the major cons of being a pharmacist. Unless you are with Costco, it will be hard to expect periodic raises i.e. you are effectively earning less and less every year due to inflation. Even as a manager, you get maybe a $2/hour raise but significantly more responsibilities. 

My peers work 40+ hours per week (of course no overtime pay, especially with SDM) to hit almost 100k in lower mainland/GVRD, BC. Ideal? No, but I would have a hard time finding non-healthcare jobs that can get you 100k. 

Go further out to Abbotsford or Terrace and you can find 50+, no doubt. 

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