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MCAT Rewrite?

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Hi everyone,


Im debating if I should rewrite my mcat 510- 126/127/129/128. I'm primarily applying to Ontario but I'm also considering UBC and Dalhousie. I dont know if I should commit to a rewrite and I'm not sure If I can get higher CARS. 

cGPA: 3.64

Uft wGPA: 3.83~

2YR GPA: 3.94

Οttawa: 3.93 


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Hi there, I had a very similar mcat score to you and last year was contemplating the same thing. I also applied to similar schools save Dal. 

UofT: mcat-wise a non-issue you now need 125 across the board with a 124 in any section (499 min) score. 

Western: according to this past years minimum mcat scores cars needed to be at a 128. 

Queens: apparently according to this years invite postings you are at or above the minimum total score with a 510. However, serious black box.

Ottawa: doesn't require mcat. A non-issue.

UBC: you'd be a little lower than the oop average this year but this could be overcome assuming you have good ECs.

Mac: you are below the average cars score but hey! Could still get an interview depending on casper. 

Going purely off of your mcat scores western is a no go, you are lower on the average score for queens/ubc/mac but it is possible to get an interview with those scores and for uoft/ottawa you are fine. I think if you did wish to rewrite your next step is to score better in cars, which you mentioned you are unsure of being able to do. So hypothetically, if you improved all other sections that would potentially improve your odds for queens (again a black box) and ubc (apparently they look at mcat post interview pls correct me if im wrong). Otherwise rewriting wouldn't seem to do much for you compared improving total/uoft/ubc wgpa which is a separate factor to your mcat though your two year gpas seem fine.


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I wouldn't risk it as you would only gain Western if you get a 128, but there is always the downside of wasting all that time to get a similar score or even worse. I would use the rest of the summer to focus on your apps and study for casper.  If you choose to rewrite, make sure you can absolutely do better in CARs. You could practice CARs and do a few practice tests from AAMC to see if you are consistently getting 128+. Keep in mind that you would have to write the MCAT ASAP as the summer is half over. Also, Dalhousie would need you to submit casper near the end of summer (which would also require you to submit to other schools that use casper such as alberta, ottawa, mac). This would be hectic as you would have to grind for MCAT and casper and work on med apps. Alternatively, don't apply to Dal and study for the casper test in October and rock it for the other schools.

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Thank you for your advice. I think i'm going to do a few practice MCATs and decide from there. But yea @canadianguy7 you're absolutely right, I need to be really confident in improving CARS otherwise I'm going to risk getting a lower score. I'm going to tread lightly and see where my MCAT practices take me. Thanks for the help @PotatoPotato and @canadianguy7 !!


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