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Hi I got my ranking today! It would be awesome if everyone could share their stats

I was ranked 

705/819 Academics (I am not sure if they considered my extenuating circumstances, I would need to call to verify because it's lower than what I was expecting)

190/819 CV

190/819 Casper

General Rank: 630/819

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Thanks for sharing, I'd be nice to also include your GPA and some other details if you can :)

My ranking supports my theory that with the CV worth only 10% even if I had a nobel prize I wouldn't get in. <_< hahahaha

  • Academic portion : 523/819 (My GPA is 3.6 + I have a masters and am currently doing a PhD)
  • Non‐academic portion, CASPer: 316 (improved from 515 last year so yay :) )
  • Non‐academic portion, CV: 7 (!!!!!!!!!:eek: funny thing, last year it was ranked 187... which tell us how much it depends of the evaluator :rolleyes:)
  • Overall prescreening rank: 350/819

I don't know if I should laugh or cry :mellow: hahaha

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On 7/4/2019 at 3:43 PM, swtomd said:

In the NTP category, I was ranked -

Academics: 9/85

CV: 1/85

Casper: 28/85

Overall 2/85

Unfortunately, I did not do well on the interview for reasons that escape me (I am a clinician in the mental health field)

Keep trying! With your rank in academia you should be fine to get an interview next year even without the NTP, don't you think? Your interview should go better since you will know what to expect :)

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15 minutes ago, OnlyHereForCars said:

Hey I am out of province and when I got back my ranking it was in the mid 100s for my academic portion. Can someone explain why that is, given I had what was a 4.0 according to McGill's GPA conversion.


I am an out of province student cohort. 

Same thing here. I had a 4.0 but ranked 97th. This is because academic context is considered ie if you took 1st year courses in your 2/3/4th year etc. Also, perhaps Masters or PhD ranks you higher. 

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Hey guys,

I applied last year as OOP when I was completing my fourth year. My final marks for semester 2 were not in. But I was around a 3.8 GPA. This was my ranking 

Academics 150/782 

Casper 128/782

CV 250/782

Total Rank 224/782

im really not sure how to improve this.. is there even a point in applying this year? I’ve now graduated with a gpa of 3.95. But it seems that my CV rank is low. 



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Pre- interview rank: 

Academic: 21

CV: 300

Casper: 205

Overall Preinterview rank: 25

Post Interview was just terrible....

MMI: 188 (i was 150 last year)

Science Prereqs: 221 (I had a 3.2 :( )

Overall post interview: 216

Felt pretty crap after I got the ranking....seems like this MMI is impossible to pass 

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I got my rankings a couple weeks ago.

OOP pre-interview rejection

Academic: ~125th (3.98-3.99 on McGill scale)

CASPer: ~200th 

CV: ~100th 

Overall:  Around 105th (out of 782) -> cutoff was 55


I guess I was expecting my CV to be ranked a lot lower, and my academics to be ranked higher than that, but a lot of people apply with 4.0s and Master's/PhDs, so I suppose that makes sense. Casper I had zero idea on how I did, but at least this number gives me an idea

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19 hours ago, James kingston said:

So would a kinesiology degree be ranked lower than say a health sci degree? doesn't make much sense since schools like Western and McMaster have pretty tough kinesiology programs. Also, does Mcgill state that the take your degree into consideration?? I haven't been able to find it on their website. And I know most other Canadian schools explicitly say that they don't discriminate between degrees.., and I don't think they'd lie

They give you bonus if you pursued a professional degree (PT, OT, SLP, etc) so I doubt there is a difference in a 4.0 in health science and 4.0 in Kinesiology for the rankings.

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