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How do FM docs do pain clinics?

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Hi all,

Just a quick question. Does anyone know how FM docs are able to do pain clinics in Canada? Do they have to go through extra training? Do you they have to do a "+1" year in something? This link (https://www.cfpc.ca/CAC/) shows the possible certificates of added competence that family medicine physicians can get. I don't see anything regarding "pain" so I was wondering what it would fall under. (Would it fall under "Family Practice Anesthesia"?)

Any clarification would be much appreciated!

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AFAIK family doctors don't have to do a +1 in anything in order to actually tailor their practice that way.

Exception being the +1 in surgery, and anesthesia.

Honourary mention to the +1 in ER in order to get hired in more urban areas if available, though it is possible to do more semi-rural to rural ER work without a +1.

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1 hour ago, ploughboy said:

I don't know how they do it.  I certainly couldn't.

I think that they mostly do nerve blocks, it's paid 170$ per procedure and could be done within 15 minutes. I would assume that they certainly did some electives or training during residency for nerve block; or add on training as a staff. 

I am not sure about formal change scope of practice? As a family physician, everything is under your scope since you are a generalist. 

I observed a few nerve blocks during clerkship, it didn't seem to be too difficult to do once you are familiar and comfortable with the procedure. 

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