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What to do if I don't get accepted?

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I am entering my 4th year of undergrad this fall and applying to medical schools this fall. Although I am hoping for the best to get accepted anywhere, I wanted to plan what I should do next year if this upcoming cycle isn't successful.

Stats: cGPA 3.98

MCAT: Writing this summer, but plan to rewrite it next summer if the score is poor

ECs: average

I was thinking of either working just random jobs, volunteering, or do course-based masters (I am not sure if doing master's will help with medical school admissions).

Any thoughts? I am also graduating next spring but if the upcoming cycle isn't successful, would doing a 5th year help?


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you're 3.98, if you maintain even a 3.9+ when you graduate youre fine. Do what would make you happier, whether thats work or grad studies. Work is good and gives valuable life experience that most pre-meds don't get from school school school. Also don't put med on a pedestal, it makes things much easier for your in the long run. Can volunteer while working too. Good luck.

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