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Chances of getting in with academic explanation essay?

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18 hours ago, yesmedman said:

I don’t think my wGPA will count because I took 9 half credits in my first year and only 3 half credits (with two half credit dropped courses) in all of my second year (although I took the full 10 credits in each of my final 3 years).

So since there is a possibility that if you submit the Academic Explanations Essay where they will give you a wGPA due to your difficulties with mental health, there may be a few different scenarios:

#1: They give you a full wGPA in consideration of your mental health struggles, despite not having had a full course load in your first two years. Since you've taken 5 years, what would be your wGPA after dropping your lowest 5 full course equivalents?


#2: They still give you a limited wGPA, where they only allow removing your 3 lowest FCEs instead, because you completed 3 full course-load years. If your lowest 3 FCEs are removed from your overall transcript (including your first 2 years), what is your wGPA?


#3: They only consider your last 3 years in your wGPA.


#3 would be the best case scenario but I'm not sure they would drop 2 entire years from your GPA. I would calculate your wGPA from the first 2 scenarios and see if you are at 3.8 GPA or above when you're making a decision.

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