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Hi all! I am really stressing over the references part. I don't have any proper managerial experience after the age of 18. I tried so hard to get a supervisor position at all my previous jobs but none of them panned out. I was in a lot of leadership roles in high school but that really changed. I supervised and mentored in many of my previous jobs before but none of them are officially reflected on my position/role. E.g., I would teach new hires how a specific POS system works, how we seat people, how to ring in food orders, etc. Should I contact my high school teacher and ask her to be my reference for this specific part? Or is that a bit of a reach considering I'm a "mature" applicant?

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On 8/3/2019 at 4:29 PM, dryorku said:

this is managerial. the name of your role does not matter, just provide the referee with notes for what they should write.

Thanks for your reply. I guess this makes sense. I feel like I am overly cautious when it comes to representing or misrepresenting myself. It looks like I won't be able to apply to UofC this year but I will keep this in mind for next year.

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