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Taking courses at Athabasca to strengthen GPA for McMaster.. Thoughts?

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Hi - So I realized a bit too late in my academic career that I'd like to pursue med. I have a masters degree and I'm working as a researcher doing psychological assessments on patients and I have 4 first-author publications. My plan was clinical psych or phD, which I was competitive for. I also have over 10 academic awards and scholarships and funding

My gpa is so low though. Its a 2.71 :( (my masters GPA is a 4.0 though). I calculated I'd need 15 courses with a 4.0 to raise my undergrad GPA to a 3.0 which is McMasters cut off. Is it even worth it? Are there any schools that would disregard a low GPA with high research experience, patient experience, a MSc, publications and good MCAT, reference letters, etc?

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How long ago was your undergrad?  Any chance the GPA certain years was a lot better than others?

There are a couple of schools that are more accommodating to people with really bad undergrads. Queen's will use your last two years and are a bit more accommodating on GPA if you have a master's. Calgary will drop anything older than 10 years old, but you'll still need at least two years of courses to evaluate. So in both cases, you might need a couple more years of full time undergrad to meet their cut offs - and going back for that can be really tough when you're already in the position to be working and moving towards doing a PhD. 

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If you have such low undergrad gpa McMaster should be the last school to looking at, esp since they don't look at ECs/publications and only give a 4% bonus for PhD. 

Your best bet is second undergrad and you should aim for schools that don't look at cumulative GPA. 

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