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Entering hours on OMSAS application

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So I'm applying to med school this fall and I'm a bit confused about the OMSAS application. For each activity, I have to enter the number of hours but is that hours/week? or hours/month? or total hours? 

uOttawa specifies that it can be either hours/week or hours/month? But what if I'm applying to different schools at a time? When I'm doing my app do I have to specify which it is? 


Thanks in advance


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On 7/25/2019 at 2:34 PM, drager said:

You can just write the approx. number of hears per week/month in brackets along side the total hours. For example, Hours: 20 (Approx. 3-4hrs/week).

You can also further explain your hours breakdown in the textbox where it asks Summer or Academic Year. 

The best way. I didn't write cumulative hours last year :( Be very clear about it too... adcoms can tell when someone is trying to misrepresent themselves.

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