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Courses for Med School preparation?

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Hi everybody,

I am in a couple of months going to submit my formal application for med school. This is a very daunting prospect for me as I am all but too aware of the ferocious competition that places for med school are fought with. 

Could anybody recommend any courses out there that assist with interview preparation, and personal statement preparation? Or is there anything else I can do to make sure I am as ready as I can be for the dreaded interviews?!

Thank you in advance for reading this. I look forward to hearing any snippet of information, however small, which could benefit me.

Kind regards,


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- Apply to all schools which you have unlocked GPA/MCAT wise and could be competitive.

- Understand the weighted wGPA rules for school that have it (ie Queens, Western, Ottawa, Dal. etc). Maybe you are eligible even if your cGPA is not there.

- check for school pre-requisites.  Some schools require certain sciences - others have no requirements.

- Know the deadlines at each school you will apply to. Ontario is easy as it is all through OMSAS.  Other provinces have different timelines.  Watch for early ones like DAL.

- also note the MCAT submit deadline for each school.

- personal write ups  should focus on the CanMEDS framework  (Google it).   Relate each of your EC's to one of the competencies.

- Interview practice can wait until after your applications are in.  Find friends or other applicants to form mock interview sessions.  Check with your undergrad school who may have a Med Club for such things.

- you will likely need to write the Casper  (MAC/Ottawa/Dal/++)  does some preparation for it to understand what it is testing for as well as strategies to approach it (time sensitive).




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