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Any point of applying with a low GPA?

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1 hour ago, Baljinderthecrow said:

I know this is true, but I tend to hear this quote more often when the chances of something happening are ridiculously low.  LOL 

Your gpa is not going to make or break your app at most schools past meeting cutoffs. For toronto, you will have no problem getting in with good essays, ecs and a good interview.


My advice to everyone is apply everywhere you meet cutoffs and prereqs. You cant really be selective or self-disqualifying in this environment.

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Completely agree with ysera. I applied this past cycle to just about everywhere I met the cutoffs. Was very surprised by the results - some schools I thought I would be a strong applicant for rejected me pre-interview, while I was lucky enough to get interviews and even offers from schools I thought I had basically no chance at. Similar story with a couple of my friends who applied last cycle, too. Unless money is an issue, I'd recommend applying broadly, and certainly to U of T with a 3.87.

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