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taking dat as many times as you want for international schools?

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is it okay to take the dat multiple times and not have a great score? i am thinking of taking the dat agian for the 3rd time but wont have a great score until the 4th time i take it due to the fact i have been taking summer and spring classes, and volunteered the past summer so never really had time to study. when i took it the first  2 times, i felt like i am capable of doing much better but i just wanna make sure that new zealand, australian, american,and irish schools dont care if you take the dat too many times and only look at your best score?


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The Irish schools don’t actually take into the DAT into account! Every Canadian school has different views from what I’ve heard through emailing with admissions. Some take the best attempt, some average, some take the most recent. Aussie and NZ schools I cant speak on. Keep in mind DAT scores are only really valid for 2 years for most schools as well so depending on the application cycle some of your first attempts may not be eligible to look at for averaging or best attempts!

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