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Is a 512 good enough for Western?

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Can't say if its used competitively  after interviews, but in terms of MCAT for getting an interview the cutoff is where they stop , so if you meet the cutoff I'd say you're good for the mcat portion. In the past meeting the cutoff was enough to snag an interview, but now that that added the ABS essays, a MCAT score above cutoff doesn't guarantee anything. To answer you original question, assuming the MCAT cutoff doesn't change this year, that score should suffice. Me and many others I know got in with scores in that range.

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On 8/15/2019 at 2:46 PM, Frederick Sanger said:

Based on the stats  from the last few years, you should be fine. You would only need to be concerned with a Change to the C/P section from 126 --> 127 which is highly unlikely. 
Definitely apply to Western and work very hard on their essays. 

Hey Mr.Sanger,

Do you think it is possible they raise the CARS cut off to 129 again or 130?

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