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I used DAT Crack the DAT and DAT bootcamp <--from people's recent feedback and myself, this doesn't really compare to the new CAD DAT exams. Keyholes were trickier on the real exam compared to the other sections (I purposely left this section till the end on the exam day so that it doesn't trip me out on the first part and I spend more than 10 minutes on the 15 Qs). My trick that really worked during the exam was to figure out what section of PAT I'm most comfortable with. For me, I was pretty good at hole punching and cube counting, so I started the exam on the hole punching section, did cube counting, pattern folding, angles, TFE and left the keyholes to the end so that if I ran out of time, I'd be guessing on my worst performed section. Just be careful with the question numbers if you start in the middle sections like how I did as it’s easy to bubble in the wrong question. Practice as much as you can and see what section you're good at and see if u can save time. You have to do 15 questions in 10 minutes, and some sections do need more time than this. So, if you can do certain sections under 10 minutes, you can use the spare minutes towards the sections that you struggle with or need more time on. Please let me know if I can help you with anything.

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