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Is it worth getting a 4.0 GPA?

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"Is it worth getting?" LMAO, A 4.0 Is kinda difficult to get, it's not a matter of is it worth getting, it's a matter of if you can. It's not like you accidentally study an extra hour one day and end up with a 4.0. on the grand scheme of things you should aim as high as possible and work with what you end up with. A someone who has studied the OMSAS scale extensively I have come to the conclusion that it rewards consistency over high one shot grades. So to answer your question. Yes it's worth it. A few bad scores converted into an OMSAS average can really mess you up even if it looks like you have a really high average in percentage

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Seriously speaking though, I know OP probably meant "how much effort is enough for 4.0"

Clearly you don't want to no-life study and have no EC's because that 4.0 ain't gonna save your med app in September

buuuuuuuuut you do want to prioritize your studies - I think the 3.9 suggestion above is very accurate. That is a competitive mark and the law of diminishing returns starts kicking in - so I guess the answer you're looking for is "aim for 3.9, and start allotting the rest of your time on EC's/staying sane"?

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