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Hi all,

Just in the midst of finishing up my Top 10 and was wondering who people would suggest in terms of proofreading the material. A friend/family member who knows you well? a medical student/professional? someone not in the medical field at all?  Just trying to figure out who would be most useful/insightful given the nature of this section.  For anyone who was successfully admitted, did you have anyone take a look at your application prior to submission? Kind of a weird question but thanks in advance :)

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It is definitely NOT necessary to pay to have your top 10 proofread. My success has come from being open and clearly focusing on how the experiences have influenced me or how they have changed how I think. Don’t overthink or underestimate the value of simple experiences. Have a couple of friends or colleagues review for clarity and grammar, but don’t try to MAKE the experiences fit into something they aren’t.

The application system isn’t open yet for next year. Are you familiar with the character (letters/space) limits for this section?

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