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I used to roam these forums when I was a pre-med student quite often. I remember not having a mentor to ask regarding medical school and the process of applying. The forum became my haven for knowledge and resources.

I finished residency over a year ago now, currently practicing, and I feel I should extend the offer to help anyone needing guidance and mentoring regarding their application or just about medical school in general. I wish I knew more about the process of medical school and residency before I applied. I went to UBC for medical school, but was accepted to Alberta and Ottawa. I know the MCAT has changed since I applied, so don't ask me anything about that! XD

I am happy to: chat/skype/help with interviews/etc 

please PM to connect

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On 8/26/2019 at 6:10 AM, Zoeymed said:

I went to UofT, graduated undergrad with a GPA of 3.57, I have no other experiences, in terms of volunteer and shadowing or research articles...what are my chances for applying to med school???

Hi Zoey, having outside experiences is very important to your application. If you don't have any experiences, I wouldn't apply at this time. Although, back when I was applying, Saskatewan did focus much more on the grade alone. This being said, your GPA is reasonable and you could always apply when you have gained enough experiences.

Feel free to PM me about suggestions to improve your non-academic side. 

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