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Not sure this is the point of the BPEs. At most, a single reference in the form of a quote may occasionally be useful/thought provoking/add to your position, but I don't think adding sources or forming these responses as a research question provides any benefit. These are PERSONAL essays. The committee is interested in learning about your opinions, and your thought process, and what experiences you have had to help you develop those thoughts. Showing you spent a few minutes looking up sources isn't going to highlight anything about you and might actually take away from the point. I would write these from the heart using personal experiences and CANMEDs roles to answer them (and yes it is definitely possible for every BPE question this year).

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14 hours ago, Frederick Sanger said:

@robclem21 did a stellar job answering your question. 

I have written an extensive post on the UofT forum on how to approach and ace the BPE's. Feel free to take a look to get you started. 

I would like to add that the only appropriate place, in my opinion to cite references, would be the first BPE that alludes to Daniel Goleman. You may want to reference his book or talks, if you are making an important point that is central to your essay. Otherwise, there is no need. 

I can't seem to find this, could you link me please?

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