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Reference mistakes after submission

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Hi everyone. I just got contacted from one of my referees who said they accidentally used my name throughout the reference form, even though it explicitly says not to to reduce bias. I’m going to ask my referee to get into contact with omsas to hopefully have the opportunity to edit an already submitted form.

Has anyone had luck with references being able to change their forms even after submission?? I’m worried that something like this would invalidate my reference.

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Do you guys think its okay for them to use pronouns like his and her.. it seems kind of awkward to keep referring to us as he/she or they (which is grammatically incorrect). I'm not sure what is meant by the bias either. However, I feel like as this is a fairly new rule lots of applicants' referees may make the same mistake, so I'm not sure how strict they would be on this?

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My referee ended up contacting OMSAS to explain that they used my name. Since my referee already submitted their form, no changes could be done, but luckily OMSAS confirmed this shouldn't affect me as the applicant!

I am a re-applicant so I could understand how my referee overlooked the new rule. Maybe if more referees do the same mistake, they can make this more clear. But I am assuming that names can introduce bias if the evaluator is familiar with the candidate or if it hints at an ethnicity.

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