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Gap Year - What did you do?

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8 hours ago, dduk said:

Doing what if you dont mind me asking? and like full-time?

Yup, full-time - you’re welcome to pm me for more details. Most people I know in med who had time between school and starting med also worked full time - often in something at least tangentially related to their field (research, research coordination, lab tech, software development, teaching, physio, nursing, etc, etc, etc.), but some had other kinds of jobs (administration, secretary, barista, etc.). Gotta pay that rent!

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I took a single gap year between 2018-2019 and I started out with some volunteering (soccer coaching, as well as volunteering in a hospital research lab), and after a few months I was fortunate to be hired full-time by the same lab I volunteered for. I really didn't do that much over the year, I just tried to keep myself busy and productive (but I still had a lot of down time). Fortunately I was accepted this cycle so that was the extent of my time away from school.

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