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Are there programs similar to McMaster Health Science which send an extraordinary number of students to med school.

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I know that there is Western Medical Science which sends a lot of students to med other than health science, are there any other programs like these? I want to know this because I am in grade 12 and want to be a doctor. I want to take a bachelor's program which is science oriented while also giving me the best shot possible for med school. Most of time what I hear is that if you don't get into the two courses I mentioned your best choice will be to go to an easy university so you can still get a high GPA (rather than a life science program which are generally tough), like you would in health sci due to grade inflation, is all of this true? Finally, if it is true, what are some science based programs I can take at one of these easy universities like Guelph and York, while also having opportunities for extracurriculars and research at the university. I live in the GTA by the way.

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FYI, Guelph is by no means an "easy" university. 

You should go somewhere where you will be happy and able to focus on your studies. You can get a good GPA at any school. Those 2 programs self-select for students who want to go to medical school which is why many students end up there. Doesn't mean you cant be equally as successful anywhere else. 

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The rest are the same honestly, the top students from every life science program particularly at one's containing medical schools are equally represented and the ones from schools that don't have medical schools are smaller in number but that is likely due to less interest more than anything else.

If you are a medicine or nothing kind of high school student. Try QuARMS, then mac health sci. Then if you're still desperate for an edge my advice is to go to western or go out of province and find a province that will give you IP status by attending university there (this isn't a guarantee as provinces are changing their policies all the time). If you don't want to do those then honestly choose a school you will be happy to attend otherwise, they are all the same, except UofT, UTSG is likely harder than the rest. 

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