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Hi, I am a high school student who wants to go to med school (yes, I know how corny this sounds), and I LIKE BOTH OF THESE COURSES EQUALLY and can't choose between them. So, I would like to know which course is easier to get a high GPA in, while also having time for ECs and completing prerequisites for med school. I have heard that in health sci you have to take med prerequisites as your electives (is that a hassle?), and you might not be as prepared for the MCAT as a biomed student (is this true?). Also, I have heard that biomedical science is harder, so to make it easier you can take health science electives. Out of both of these routes which one is better.

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Hey there! I'll tell you upfront that I'm biased towards biomed. Taking health science does spare you some courses that some people find hard early in their undergrad (like calculus, organic chemistry, biochem, physics - which isn't completely required in biomed but really helped me for the MCAT). However, I think they're very useful courses for the MCAT (except for calculus) and probably worth taking as electives even if you're in health sci.

If you're reasonably strong in math and hard science, I think those are easier courses for achieving a high GPA: the marking is pretty objective, practice makes perfect, and TAs/profs are very happy to help you! However, if you know you struggle in math then it might be worth avoiding the 2-3 required math courses in biomed.

I avoided the pre-med groups in undergrad, so I didn't know many folks from health sci and can't really tell you how hard it would be to fit pre-reqs into your schedule. I can tell you that I felt very prepared for the MCAT, writing it in the summer between 2nd and 3rd year. I can also tell you that the upper years of biomed are very flexible; I took a bunch of fun, each psych & sociology course plus a few miscellaneous easy ones.

So, neither route is absolutely better; it depends on your strengths. If you enjoy hard science and math, I recommend biomed. If you had difficulty with those in high school, I think health sci would be an easier path to admission.

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I would recommend taking Biomedical Sciences if you are interested in the Sciences. It is a more rigorous program and you will learn more. Also easier to do a MSc or Phd afterwards if you are interested. Health Science is more focused on Determinants of health and other softer topics. Nothing wrong with that but as mentioned previously, they are more subjective and therefore you are at the mercy of the professor. 

Biomed is essentially Life Science at most other schools.

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