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canadian primary care guidelines

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just graduated from U.S. Fam Med residency and for last 3 months been working in ED/Urgent Care setting, so zero FM last several months was wondering any good resources to get up to date on preventative care for Peds/IM/GYN (i.e. FM)

for last 3 months been using Toronto Notes for FM/Peds/GYN/OB and then reading the canadian version of USPSTF and preventative check list form from CFPC

Is there one good resource (updated)  that combines all the above

about to start practicing in FM outpatient setting in a couple of months in Canada

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This is the closest to what you're looking for:




In terms of knowledge in daily practice you'd probably want to familiarize yourself with the following.

Peds: rourke, vaccination guidelines

IM: diabetes canada guidelines, canadian cardiovascular society guidelines, hypertension canada guidelines

Cancer: cervical, breast, colorectal in above links, generally don't screen for others in canada

Other: chronic non-cancer pain guidelines from McMaster 2017, topalbertadoctors.org has good primary care flowcharts for common issues, choosing wisely canada has many recommendations, CANMAT guidelines for depression and anxiety, bugs and drugs for antibiotic recommendations, Rxfiles if you want an book with tables comparing drugs within categories with regards to side effects, costs, etc.



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It's hard to have a resource that has everything up to date AND specific to your province. But in general you can rely on what you learned in residency, and then tailor that to the approach specific to that province you're working in.

But just for some province-specific examples:






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