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iPad Pro 64GB vs 264GB?

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Hey everyone, I could appreciate the help in making this decision. I was thinking of purchasing an iPad Pro for med school because I have a long commute that I could study during and I like that its a good replacement for paper as well as its portability. I'm not sure how much storage to get. I wouldn't use the iPad for photo storage or downloading movies/music because I usually stream any entertainment, mostly it would be for PDFs and school related stuff. Any extra stuff I dont need would probably be offloaded onto my MacBook since I have a ton of storage space on that. 

Thanks for any advice! 

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For reference I put the entire med school lecture pdf set, plus streamed videos of all the lectures, plus all the textbooks in pdf form on a 64GB ipad with some remove spare. That was vast overkill of course but it was fun to think that i had all of med school - all of it - on something I could hold in my hand. 

256 is I think overkill. 

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