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Chances of getting into UofT/Western?

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In 3rd year physiology at UofT.

Year 1 cGPA = 2.6

Year 2 cGPA = 4.0 (OSMAS) 3.96 [Not full load, took 4.0 credits due to issues at home with the family therefore not usable for western]

Year 3cGPA = currently 4.0

I have shadowing experience with oral and an OMFS surgeon and a general dentist both of which I can get references from.

I have community volunteering involvement and want to do research either this summer or 4th year summer (would mean I take a gap year to apply).


Even if I got 4.0 for the next 2 years my overall undergrad cGPa would be 3.68 - are there canadian dental schools that will look at the mean GPA over all years of study? Only western and UofT seem

to be transparent with what they look at.


All feedback is appreciated.

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Western looks at your top 2 years and UofT drops your lowest year. Kill this year and next year and make sure you do well on the DAT. Research might not help you much unless you do a masters but the way things are going in terms of the new changes to the admissions process it could be one more thing you write about in your ABS/essays. Don't lose hope, it can be done. 

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Western is really looking for well rounded applicants. As long as you have a decent DAT and mid 80s GPA, then your stats are good enough to get an interview. However, you also need to make sure you have enough life experience to be able to fill out every section of the application thoughtfully. I suggest leadership experience, advocacy experience, dental shadowing or work experience, unrelated work experience, research (I disagree with toothurty, I think it helps to get wet lab experience), and experiences you are generally passionate about. The admissions team wants to see your passion and dedication to dentistry as well as see how you will contribute to the school upon matriculation.

Western in not UofT where all they care about is numbers which is why you see a much more comprehensive admissions process and lower averages for their respective incoming classes.

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