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Pluripotent Premed - a new podcast for Canadian premeds from the author of Ultimate Premed Package!

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Hi all! My name is Christopher and I am the author of www.UltimatePremedPackage.ca which I know a few of you have found to be a useful resource for your premed journey.

This summer a classmate and I have been busy working on a new podcast called Pluripotent Premed which we intent to act as an audio guide for navigating the premed years as a Canadian applicant. We dive into all topics related to the MCAT, med school interview, extracurriculars, and more. We will also be interviewing classmates of ours who are got into med from alternative backgrounds (e.g. arts, nursing, other careers) and also those who are pursuing an M.D./PhD to give you a better idea of how the program works and what to expect. 

Today is the release date for 'Episode 0', which is an introductory episode that doesn't have any specific premed content, but rather just introduces us and the podcast, and what to expect. From here on out, we will release an episode every Monday. 

If this sounds like something that you're interested in, please check us out on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and on podcasting platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and most other major podcasting platforms). I will post an episode release schedule in the comments so that you know what episodes are coming up!

I will post an episode release schedule below so that you know what episodes are coming up!

Thanks for reading! We are really excited about this project and we hope to help as many people as possible. Please feel free to message me on here or on our Facebook page if you have any questions!

TL;DR - the author of Ultimate Premed Package has teamed up with a classmate to make a premed podcast directed at Canadian premeds to guide you through the MCAT, interviews, and more. Episodes every Monday

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Episode release schedule:

  • Sept 12 - Intro episode ('Episode 0') [no actual premed content, just introductions]
  • Sept 16 - MCAT series: MCAT explained
  • Sept 30 - MCAT series: What resources to use
  • Oct 7 - MCAT series: Studying advice/experiences from med students
  • Oct 14 - MCAT series: Conquering CARS
  • Oct 21 - MCAT series: Sciences
  • Oct 28 - MCAT series: Is my MCAT score competitive in Canada?
  • Nov 04 - Interview series: Pre-interview (preparation)
  • Nov 11 - Interview series: Day-of (what to expect)
  • Nov 18 - Extracurricular series: Extracurriculars explained

More TBA! If you have any specific requests for episodes, please leave them in a comment below!

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