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L&D Triage Sterile Speculum Exam

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4 hours ago, TheOne1 said:

Anyone have tips on performing this. The cervix can be an elusive devil. I go down at an angle of 45 degrees to the posterior fornix and sweep the blades up to open. I think maybe I bail out too quickly because the patient is so uncomfortable since we can't use lubricant? 

What have you been told about why you "can't use lubricant" ?   

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But to answer your original question: practice, and treating each canal individually. 45 isn't always going to get you there the right way, but you have to keep aiming to the back and be confident. Not an expert by any means, but ive always found the times i am unsuccessful, is because i didnt keep going and was maybe another cm off. Anatomical variation and all that.

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