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29 minutes ago, WWEFan12 said:

For one of my entries, I put the email where the phone number is supposed to go and the phone number where the email is supposed to go! What do I do? D: 

I think they’d likely be able to figure this out. I believe you can still make changes to the verifier contact info after the application is submitted (because contact info changes all the time). If not, you can send them a message, as per the ‘finding mistakes’ section in the help guide.

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49 minutes ago, notagunner said:

The adcoms will see it, and their heads will explode out of sheer confusion and complexity of the problem

Haha ok, slight overreaction on my part but I figure that verifiers are all contacted electronically (without adcoms actually overseeing any of this) so it would automatically be void. Thankfully, I was able to edit the verifier contact information. PHEW. 

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