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Best prep book for learning from scratch?

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Hey guys,

I'm currently preparing for the mcat exam in the August of 2020 while working full-time right now. I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed with the amount of content I have to cover for the exam, and the fact that I need to learn all of them from scratch since I have not taken a single course covered in mcat...

I have the Kaplan prep books, but I've been told that it's too light on the content, and that TPR is the way to go if you're learning from scratch. Is this true? Any recommendations? I'm just afraid of wasting time by using the wrong prep books to study. 

I have around 3 months to learn (hopefully) 60+ % of the content, mostly during evenings and weekends. I'm hoping to cover the rest and do practice exams starting in May next year when I have the summer off. 


Any advice is welcome! Thanks!

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I used Kaplan + Khan academy as needed for topics I wanted more explanation on. Worked well for me (514).  I learned probably 50-60% of the material from scratch over 10 weeks studying evenings and weekends (full-time job). I actually liked that Kaplan wasn’t super detailed - it was enough info for many topics without being overkill. I did regular practice exams (~every 2-3 weekends) to figure out what I needed to understand better and dive more deeply than what Kaplan provided. 

Where I thought Kaplan fell short was the practice exams. Don’t bother with them. The official practice exams and questions banks, and NextStep tests, were much better practice. 

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