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BPE and detailed sketch word count

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On 9/25/2019 at 4:14 PM, aloeplant said:

Hi all, so the instructions state 250 words maximum. But the forms on OMSAS to input the BPE and detailed sketch allow for a maximum of 2000 characters. 


2000 characters is significantly more than 250 words, it's about 300 words. So which rule do we follow?


As per UofT's website: 



You are required to submit four original brief personal essays, with each essay answering a specific question related to the Faculty’s mission and values. The Faculty of Medicine’s mission statement embodies social responsibility, and the Faculty’s values are reflective of this responsibility. Each brief personal essay must be 250 words or less. (This word count does not include titles, references or verifiers, if you choose to include these.) We evaluate brief personal essays independently of all other materials submitted within your application.

I wouldn't complicate it. Make sure your essays are 250 or less


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