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Medicine vs Dentistry job flexibility

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Hi everyone!

I'm very interested in both the medical and dental fields and I am currently trying to decide see which of these two would best suit my personality. I know that dentistry offers more flexibility (both as an associate/owner); however, I'm not quite sure how the hours are like in the medical field. Does it depend on the medical speciality/location of practice? If so, is anyone aware of the approximate required hours per week? Which specialities allow for greater flexibility and which do not? Do certain medical specialists get to choose their hours at all or is it already set for them? I'd greatly appreciate your help! 

Thank you in advance!

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I'm a dentist but I have many friends in medicine. I'd say depending on the specialty there is a big difference in the hours and flexibility. Dentistry has more in common with surgical specialties and those specialties usually have worse working hours than in dentistry. In dent there is big flexibility in the amount of hours you want to work. 

One thing you need to be sure of is where you want to work after you graduate. If you are dead set on working in big cities like Toronto or Vancouver, then you need to rule out a decent chunk of specialties. Also, being an owner as a dentist is not as easy as you think it is. The majority of new dentists who are graduating will not ever be practice owners in the future, especially if you are talking about dentists working in major metropolitan areas. Also, working weekends and evenings will be common for dentists in the city.

If you don't mind working in a small city, dentistry is a great gig. 9-5, m-f jobs are plentiful with great income. 

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