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Hey everyone, 

I was thinking of applying to UK schools as well this year for OT and I just wanted to get more information on the application process, which schools ppl have applied to or have gone too and also how the process was coming back to Canada to register as an OT? Thanks! 

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I was going to apply to a few schools in the Uk for OT before applying for Canadian schools instead of going back to do one more year in my Undergrad to raise my cGPA. However, I talked to a girl who recently came back from Glasgow Caledonian's OT program, and she and her classmates who also came back to Canada won't be able to practice for over a year and a half. She's currently working a waitressing job and as an administrator at an OT Clinic I volunteer at. She's also had to pay over 5k for the process to convert her credentials. 

Check out the ACOTRO site for the processes involved.https://acotro-acore.org/registering-canada/were-you-educated-outside-canada

If you can't apply to Canadian schools or don't want to return to university to up your grades, UK schools would a great route, but beware that it will take longer and cost much more. 

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