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Need to talk about my dream and to have your advices please.


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(English is my second language, sorry for mistakes and syntax)

Hello to both of you !

It's been a few years I read this forum, without ever registering but tonight I decided to register because I need to have your opinion about my situation please.
 I am a second year student in B.Sc in Medical Biology at UQTR and my goal is to be admitted in medecine. I am a 25 year old first generation student. I studied
 in nursing before but after a long reflection, I decided to go on the project to become a doctor because that's really what I want deep inside me. Currently, I
 have accumulated 46 credits out of a total of 90 and I have a GPA of 4.09 out of 4.30. At the moment, I am doing courses in cell
 biology, biochemistry and physiology however, I noticed a huge drop in motivation since September and that's why I'm writing to you.
 Normally, I could study 40 hours a week without being demotivated and I was hard at work. However, lately it's not the same thing.
 I feel like I have a great loss of motivation, I have been studying a maximum of 15 hours a week since September, and I prefer to do
 nothing,to sleep or to play video game than to revise. I don’t have anyone who supports me in my projects, I am alone and I find it
 very difficult to motivate myself in the long run. For example, I applied in medicine at UdeS a week ago and when I told that to my
 brother, his duckling of energy drink seemed more important than the happy news I told him. In short, I wondered if you have any advice
 for me, so that I can find my motivation again. To give you an idea, I do not listen too much in class, I take mediocre notes compared
 to usual and I have 5 evaluations by November 6th. If I continue this way, I will simply destroy my academic record. And you, what do
 you do to stay motivated throughout your journey?
 Thank you for reading and for your help.

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