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Hello everyone, 

I am thinking about applying to medical Schools next year and ui was wondering if some people with knowledge of the system could share their thoughts on the situation which I am currently in -- let me lay it out for you. I've done some preliminary research and decided I'm competitive at four schools (UBC, Queens, UoT, and Western) 

MCAT: 511 (129,125,130,127)

Residency: BC resident, however I am also a SWOMAN applicant for UWO as I did four years of high school in South Western Ontario

UBC Adjusted grade: 88.6%

Queens GPA 3.93

UWO GPA: 3.93

UoT GPA: EDIT 3.89

Conferred Degree: BScH in 2019

Current Degree: MASc in Biomedical Engineering -- expected to finish in 2021

Extracurriculars: Nothing out of this world or flashy but I believe I have some good and wholesome long term commitments such as volunteering at food banks, teaching English, advocating for mental health and wellbeing among students. My research experience is a bit more extensive and includes three years of volunteering and work in a rehabilitations setting, and one year of work in a pathology lab. Additionally, I am a varsity athlete.


Thank you for reading this, please share your thoughts on how my application is looking and feel free top drop some suggestions on what I can do to better my odds!

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Everything you said makes sense. One thing to note is that a 3.76 GPA after adjustment wouldn’t be remotely competitive at UofT (not sure if u meant 3.86 or 3.96) unless you’re applying to an aboriginal or black entry stream or have extraordinary life circumstances that may grant you an exception or second look.

No one really knows the competitive range  for queens as far as GPA and MCAT goes but a 3.93 is great even if 511 is on the lower end.

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