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Graduated in April of this year, and took the time off to re-write my MCAT alone. I didn't choose to pursue any employment or volunteering during this time. I have been interviewing for various jobs and volunteer positions these past few weeks, and have only gotten offers a few days ago. Granted, I don't think I can put this down for my application, so is there anything I can do or is this meant to remain blank in my case?

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Well u can put :  

Volunterring at blablabla  -oct 2019-  on going, /estimated hours : X 

but keep in mind that they will look at the dates/duration  ...

Maybe its better for you to fill another section (like certifications for ex) and leave the volunteering section blank.

But im sure ur not the only one in this situation; i myself have started a new job + activity this sept haha and decided to put them. 

good luck



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