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Hey all!

I was curious if anyone currently enrolled in the PT program at Queen's University might be willing to share their personal experience as a student there, specifically including how/if the Probationary Accreditation status of the program has affected your experience? I'm currently finishing my undergrad at Dal and hoping to begin a PT program next fall (Western and Dal being my top choices, Queen's holding up the third spot). I have several close friends who have completed degrees at Queen's and have heard nothing but good things about the school and city, however the accreditation status at Queen's seems to be a red flag. It seems like the school is very transparent about it, which I take to be a good sign, but I'd be interested to hear how the students themselves view the whole thing.


All the best :) 

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Hey there, 

I'm a first year PT student at Queen's and I'd be glad to share my insight with you and others who are curious. In regards to the Probationary status, like you said, Queen's is very open about it. They have shown us what PEAC has reported about, what they have done to improve, and what they project to happen next. The main concern that PEAC has is in regards to physical space right now, nothing to do with curriculum or education. Obviously, this will take time as renovations must be done but I can tell you that the faculty and university are amazing. The main building we are in isn't anything super amazing, but it's comparable to other PT programs. Because of PEAC's concerns, a lot of our classes also take place in other buildings now, including the super fancy medical building!

Another PEAC concern has to do with evaluation of the program as a whole, once the aforementioned changes occurs. This, as you can imagine, will also take time. Because Queen's is still an accredited program, if you do accept an offer next year, you will still be graduating from an accredited program. Queen's and PEAC are working very closely together on these issues, and it is normal for schools to enter periods of probation (ex. U of T last year). The faculty and university are very transparent with students and obviously have no desire to lose their status as this would effect their daily jobs, the university's reputation, and PTs in the community who look forward to being Clinical Instructors to students.

Hope this everyone some peace of mind. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Best of luck to everyone next year!


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