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32 minutes ago, MedGirl3000 said:

Is it worth applying to dental school in Ontario with these stats, specifically UWO 

DAT score AA 20, PAT 19, RC, 21

GPA best 2 years: 82%

ECs: 200+hrs of shadowing, founded non-profit, 2 research positions, 1 future publication, hospital volunteering, case competition winner + internatiol experience

Undergraduate + Masters Degree

I also have spent a really long time writing the supplemental application, which I would say is a solid 8/10.

I would say GPA is on the low side since western looks at top 2 years. DAT seems average or slightly below avg,

I think ECs don’t matter. As long as u can use ur experience to impress the interviewers, length and type of experience don’t matter imo.

So overall again average chance imo. I think u can get interview.

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On 11/8/2019 at 7:26 PM, frickenbeauty said:

I just realized I didn't post my take on everything 

MDT: Soap was different material, I think it was fine but not perfect. First time doing this section so can't estimate a score but not a 30. Pattern was simple.

SNS: Biology was a walk in the park for me since I did well in developmental biology at my university and tutored it in subsequent terms. Other questions were straight forward. I think I got 1 wrong for sure but other than that I am most confident about this section. Gonna go with 24-27 depending on scale this year. Chemistry I found to go great as well but definitely 2-3 questions tripped me up. Gonna go with low 20s.

PAT: Thank you Crusher and thank you CDA. A lot easier than last year and easier than Crusher. 20+ for sure. It is all practice so do practice tests everyday leading up to the DAT in October and you should be good to go.

RC: I commented above on this. Got a little stressed out. Last year I didn't do as well as I thought and definitely got PTSD from this section. Gonna go with 18-20 I am no pro at comprehending my first language but do have a photographic memory when it comes to science. I think it will come down to "lucky guesses".

Only about a month until we get our scores back (around Dec 10-11 I believe).


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