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How to arrange a site visit/meeting with PD?

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I'm a medical student who has reached their 8 week cap in terms of elective planning. There is one school that I would've liked to go to but elective plans fell through. I want to do an elective there in a related specialty in August and meet with the PD, take call with the residents in evenings/weekends. I previously emailed the Program Coordinator to ask if this was possible but I didn't receive any response. I don't want to email her again in case this came back to my school as "unprofessional" (is it unprofessional to ask?). The game has never been so different with these caps... 

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Just email the PD if you want to meet with the PD. If you know who the chief resident is/scheduler for the group, then email them as well regarding the call question. Honestly, we are all humans. Taking initiative to reach out shows interest. In my opinion, if a program punishes you for taking initiative or has a problem with your approach knowing how few electives people receive then I would perhaps give consideration to whether it's a program that is right for you. Being annoying is one thing, sending a couple of short emails is another. The program coordinators also receive a ton of emails. It may have just been that your original note slipped through the cracks. Just my two cents.

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