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OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline 2020 cycle

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Not OT, but here's my experience:  I took a year between high school and college to travel and volunteer, it remains one of the best decision I've ever made. I started post-secondary at a college

A bit off topic, but this forum post (the 2020 version) has over double the pages of the 2019 one. 

Hi Everyone! Last night I received MSc. OT acceptances from UofT, Queen's & McMaster. I've also been accepted to Western as well, but only for the combined OT/Ph.D program. After a lot of ref

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49 minutes ago, OTHopes97 said:

I got an email. I think that they may be waiting to see how many people decline from the first round of acceptances (ends June 4th) before releasing the waitlist so that they don’t make it too short

I think it will be clear in June. Right now I just hope I won’t receive rejection which means I will be likely to put on that waitlist 

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5 hours ago, OTplease2020 said:

This is actually not the case for U of A anymore. If you check the FAQ on their website, under the question "Are there any restrictions on applicants from other provinces?" this is the response: 

There are no limits placed on applications from other provinces. All applicants from across Canada and other countries are reviewed together and will compete for the 120 spaces. However, 15 of those spaces are reserved for residents of Saskatchewan.

Which makes since because Saskatchewan does not have an OT program, and those 15 students admitted are required to do their practicums in Saskatchewan, which as HK2018 mentioned is to promote Sask students to work in the province after graduating. 

Oh sorry I should've specified, but I was referring to PT only! I only applied to PT. The site says you need greater than a 3.9 gpa for OOP applicants versus greater than a 3.6 gpa for Alberta residents, and only 15% of the seats are allocated to OOP/international :( grrr  

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1 hour ago, sunshinePT said:

Hey, just learned about this forum!

applied to Dal and waitlisted.

 NS, mature student, 4.02GPA.

Does anyone know more about the accreditation? Assumed that whatever needs to be fixed will be after two years, but how does that impact our learning experience?  

Former students on the forum make it seem like Dal is very unorganized and there's a lot of miscommunication. The fact that we were not emailed or informed that the date got pushed back for Dal etc pretty much validated those thoughts from current students. There's no point in accepting to a school on probation with the slim chance they don't fix their issues to end up graduating with a degree that is invalid if you got accepted into another school. Obviously if its the only school you get into, you should go.

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8 minutes ago, camipt2020 said:

I got an email weeks ago about how to log into my ACORN. 

You need your student number and orpas number.

There's also some comments from a couple of weeks ago about this and from last year's thread as well.


I haven't received an email about ACORN yet. Are you a previous applicant? Any other first time applicants who haven't received an email?

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2 minutes ago, PTplox said:

I haven't received an email about ACORN yet. Are you a previous applicant? Any other first time applicants who haven't received an email?

I haven't received one either and I think if everyone had received an email, we would've heard alot more about it so I wouldn't worry! 

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5 minutes ago, camipt2020 said:

Well, I don't understand.

I applied last year but I didn't get in. I also applied to the Master of Ex. Science but also didn't get in this year.

I don't see how that would give me access to ACORN.

Don't know.

Ohh okay, I'm wondering if your ACORN email was actually linked to your application for the Master of Exercise Science and not actually your PT application, but can obviously see all your applications once in ACORN. Regardless, congrats if it says 'invited' ! :)

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