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OT/PT accepted/waitlist/decline 2020 cycle

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Not OT, but here's my experience:  I took a year between high school and college to travel and volunteer, it remains one of the best decision I've ever made. I started post-secondary at a college

A bit off topic, but this forum post (the 2020 version) has over double the pages of the 2019 one. 

Hi Everyone! Last night I received MSc. OT acceptances from UofT, Queen's & McMaster. I've also been accepted to Western as well, but only for the combined OT/Ph.D program. After a lot of ref

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On 7/14/2020 at 3:11 PM, KforOT said:


Firstly, I'm really sorry about your accident. It seems like that was very frustrating for you. I'd just like to say that it's my belief that things happen for a reason and that every experience is a learning opportunity. 

This is my second year applying - the first year I was rejected by all schools and for my second attempt I'm waitlisted at Queen's and U of T. It does sting because you always think 'Am I not good enough'. I had a really hard time accepting that loss but I feel that I came out of it with a newfound resiliency. I think that's what helped me apply for the second time. However, to be considered competitive I upgraded my grades with Ryerson's Chang School and I did different courses that would still be accepted by ORPAS. Even so, my sGPA is a 3.69 and my cGPA is a 3.36. I think what helped me was to start thinking of my options other than OT. I feel like when you have an open-minded outlook, you start to piece together different avenues that could also work for you. I had to accept that there's something better out there for me and that's probably why I wasn't getting into OT (can you tell I'm a big believer in destiny? haha) I've accepted a Master's of Education with OISE in the meantime and perhaps I'll apply again next application cycle but I don't think I'm that scared of not getting in anymore. All I can do is try my level best and if that doesn't work out then there is something better. 

Also, I went to U of T's OT info session and the department manager was talking to a women about a rumor that she had heard. Naturally, I was eavesdropping :P The rumor was that someone her daughter knew received an offer from U of T despite her sGPA and cGPA being very low (I don't remember the exact calculation but somewhere around a sGPA of 3.5). His response was that they look at the applicant holistically, keeping in mind the grades, personal statements, references, and experience. The purpose of me telling you this story was that just because someone has a high sGPA, doesn't mean that they're well-rounded or that the university will accept just that. After I heard that, I felt better knowing that it's not all about grades! 

All in all, I know that it seems pointless and daunting but please don't give up! Life is full of opportunities and learning experiences. Even when you're at your lowest point, think of that as a lesson that you can use throughout your life. If you want to talk, you can message me on here! I'm willing to talk about our experiences! 

Take care :) 

Hey! i have the same sGPA as you and am just wondering if you got accepted off either waitlists?

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On 12/31/2019 at 10:37 AM, Kin2019 said:

Hi everyone! First year Dal OT here. Spent 76 hours a day on here during 2019 admissions and willing to answer any questions about Dalhousie applications :) Good luck to all! 

I'm wondering if you know if dal OT accepts graduate level courses for admissions? I'm looking into a one year masters program for if i don't get into OT on my first try, but I'm not sure yet if that will help or hinder my application.


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