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Interview Invites/Regrets (2019-2020)

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Upvote if you're IP and haven't heard anything yet 

May aswell have some fun while im in the source code.. thank you all for the support! and see you next year "failure is not the falling down, but the staying down." – Mary Pickford

Thought I'd make the thread since invites are coming out next week. Feel free to share your stats using the template below. Good luck everyone! TIME STAMP: Interview Invite or Regrets: Early

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Just now, premeddude said:

Do you mind sharing where you got this? Is it an email?

Yeah they sent out a second email with some details. I've attached it below. 



Thank you for applying to the UBC MD Undergraduate Program. Although you were not invited for an interview this year, we appreciate the time and effort you put into your application and want to congratulate you on your academic and non-academic accomplishments. 

As we approach interview decisions each year, we like to reflect on how to best engage and communicate with our applicants. We believe it is important to provide application feedback, while also ensuring that this information is as useful and focused as possible.

In previous years, applicants have been provided with an academic qualities (AQ) score, a non-academic qualities (NAQ) score and a total file review (TFR) score. Each of these scores provided information about where applicants fell in relation to one another and how close they were to the interview cut-off in that given year. It is important to note that NAQ scores are not an accurate basis for comparison from year to year. Every year there are a number of variables which can effect an applicant’s scores, including regular modifications to our scoring system, among many other factors.

This year, in an attempt to better focus our feedback, we are providing comparative information for the current year, but without many of the specific numerical values which have caused confusion in the past.

Applicants have been provided with the following information this cycle:

  • Overall Grade Point Average: All eligible credits with grades as calculated by the Admissions Office. Please see our Evaluation Criteria page for more information.
  • Adjusted Grade Point Average: AGPA calculation, if eligible, as calculated by the Admissions Office. Please see our Evaluation Criteria page for more information.
  • NAQ Score: Percentile range in which your score fell, provided by quartile (0 – 24.99th percentile, 25th – 49.99th percentile, 50th – 74.99 percentile, or 75th – 100th percentile)
  • Pre-Interview Result: Interview cut off scores are determined by combined academic and non-academic scores that are equally weighted, and added together. Applicants with the highest combined scores are invited for interview. The status bar indicates the cut off scores for both BC and out-of-province applicants, and where your score lies in comparison.

Please follow this link to view a sample score section

Please note that scores that fall very close to the interview cut off are only marked with an arrow indicating “my result” and not a red bar. You can view an example by following this link. 

We are confident that this revised feedback will best enable applicants to focus on the most relevant information about their application. As always, there are many more qualified applicants than seats in the program, but our hope is that this information will help applicants to better understand the evaluation of their application. Additional comparative information for the applicant pool is available in the Interim Statistics posted on the Admission Statistics page of our website, and answers to some pre-interview FAQs are posted on our blog.

We regret that we cannot give further feedback on individual applications. 



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Interview Invite or Regrets: Regrets :(
Early or Regular Deadline: Regular
GPA or AGPA (if applicable): 90.1%
Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): UG Complete
Geography (IP/OOP):  OOP
Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): I think strong. Founder/President of a successful organization, awards from the government, multiple piano awards, general manager of a non profit organization, distinguished student leader (invited to uni's president's office and the chair of several departments for focus group meetings), worked with schizophrenia and dementia patients, volunteer trainer and program coordinator at a hospital, project coordinator for aboriginal events, etc..

Good luck to everyone else 


EDIT: also unable to access application status on OAS

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3 minutes ago, mdplsacceptme said:

Mine says no decision and i didnt get an email... I guess we have to wait till 8pm ET ahhhh

Same.... and now the website is loading very quickly for me, so it seems like it is no longer being bombarded by applicants. I too echo @HopefulMDDD's question on whether or not all rejections will be out today, or if some small amount will happen later on in the week. 

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1 minute ago, acceptmeplease said:

It almost makes me hopeful that all regrets were sent, but there's just less people posting on the forum this year aha

I don't dare to hope that. Can't bear the disappointment if it wasn't the case... two finals to study for :(

It's also possible that they have decided to send out some of the rejections on Tuesday :(

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5 minutes ago, MD_Dream97 said:

I don't dare to hope that. Can't bear the disappointment if it wasn't the case... two finals to study for :(

It's also possible that they have decided to send out some of the rejections on Tuesday :(

I’m actually so curious what the idea is behind no sending them all in one fell swoop. It makes 0 sense. Makes me think it’s a man in a room getting a kick out of it :lol:

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