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First time writing the DAT, feeling unsure of my results!

Reading: 21

PAT: 18

MDT: 20

AB resident applying to U of A, current GPA is 3.9 but after having my worst year removed will be higher (in 4th year so wont know what my final GPA is until after winter sem). I know I need to do well on the interview (if my stats are good enough to get one). Is anyone familiar with U of A admissions? Is there hope for me?

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On 12/10/2019 at 12:25 PM, nfmp13 said:

Science Total: 25

Chem: 24

Bio: 27

Reading: 21

PAT: 27

AA: 24

After last November I felt so defeated. I can't believe this is real right now!!!

Hey, congrats!! These are really impressive scores!

if you don’t mind, could you discuss a little bit about what you used/found helpful (maybe compared to last time) while studying? I’m planning on taking it again, any advice would be helpful!

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