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Undergraduate transcripts - relevance?

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Well, I don't think there can be any definitive blanket statement on how undergraduate transcripts are used, since it is completely up to the individual program and file reviewers as to how they use that information.

If one's record is within the normal range for admitted medical students (i.e. worst year dropped), I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe if there were a bunch of failures or something like that... but anyone at this stage would have already overcome previous academic challenges to gain admission and be at the point of almost finishing medical school, so I'm not sure how relevant it would be.

Programs should not be sharing this information outside of the residency selection committee.

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Pretty much what lactic Folly said. Also, I've always wondered why questions like that really mattered. 

Would you not apply to a program because they requested your transcript? Probably not.

If you did apply and didn't get an interview, would it matter that the reason was from a weak undergrad transcript vs any one of the million other reasons why people don't get a transcript? Probably not. 

I wouldn't waste my time discussing this in a personal statement. Also, programs don't need to talk to each other about this. If they wanted to see it too, they would just ask for it instead of asking another program. 

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