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Hi, here is the breakdown of my situation. I am from Canada and I am 30.

- undergrad in an unrelated program (accounting and econ)

- worked 3 part time jobs and grades suffered... low GPA

- how would I go about financial aid? 

I do not have a background in science. However, I have always been interested in medicine. I keep seeing the non-traditional student but I don't know exactly what that entails. Would I need to take a post-bacc, but I see in Canada this is uncommon. Would I need to take some pre-requisite courses and how could I increase my GPA or would this not matter now as a mature student. 


Please help. 


Thank you! 

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Post-bacc is useless. What your degree is in doesn't matter. What is your GPA? If it is very low, and the best 2 years/most recent 2 years are under 3.8/4, then you would most likely need to do another degree. There are fast track degrees out there that lead to alternative jobs like occupational health, public health, nursing, etc. If you can maintain a 3.8+ (try for 3.9) then that is your first hurdle. Continuing doing extracurriculars is good, but maximizing your MCAT would be the second step. So as you can see, this can be a 2-4 year journey, + med school if that happens right away. Just need to weigh what is important for you in your life, and what will be in the future. Financial aid I suppose your provincial plan (like OSAP for ontario). Med school you can get a line of credit that will fully allow you to pay for school just fine.


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