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Will I be eligible to apply/use wGpa formula?

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Hi everyone,

I'll try to keep it short. My first and second year were train wrecks, and I took two part time years to work full time and rethink my long-term plans after. I was wondering if I will be eligible to apply once I graduate, or if the classes i failed/withdrew from will disqualify me.

I am/will be nearly 30, IP applicant.

Year 1 - 1.75 GPA, failed 4 classes

Year 2 -

Semester 1 - 2 Withdraws, 1 failed class.

Semester 2 - 3 passes, 3.6 GPA.

Year 3 - 3.8 GPA, 6 total courses

Year 4 - 3.75 GPA, 6 total courses.

I was planning on taking a full course load (5 a semester, 10 a year) in my 5th & 6th years, and was banking on getting a 3.7+ GPA and being able to use the WGPA formula when I apply. Am I wrong in thinking I can do this, or is this too long of a time to complete my degree? I I don't want to sink time into preparing for the MCAT if I won't even be able to apply. I would rather finish my degree and come up with a new plan.

On the dal med site it says


The calculation of your GPA consists of the two consecutive most senior years of the baccalaureate degree being submitted. A full course load of five full courses (30 credit hours) in each year is generally required.

ii.     If degree complete at time of application

a) Baccalaureate year 3 GPA (30CH) and Baccalaureate year 4 GPA (30CH)

Since the 5th/6th year will be my two most consecutive senior years, each having 30 Credit hours, can I use these grades to apply with?

It is also says, however,


An academic record which shows failed or repeated courses, courses passed with low grades or supplementary examinations, particularly in the two years prior to anticipated entry into medical school, makes the prospect of admission unlikely.

If I nail my next/last two years, do I have a shot? or will my 1st/2nd years' grades disqualify me?

Also, I really only have paid employment and a little volunteering as EC's. currently about ~500 hours volunteering in something I was really passionate about (projected 750 or so), and ~7000 with one company doing the same job, with some added responsibility over the years (projected 10,000+). Should I try to add something else over the next couple years, or just accumulate more hours?

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